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Wiki is overrun with Bots

The admins need to do something to prevent this wiki from being overrun by self-promoters and link-net vandals. I am cleaning up as much as I can, but this is ridiculous.

I know of a simple way to lock them out. I would appreciate a little compensation (*not* a demand) or hell, hire me to maintain all this for this great new game (sandship).

Admins, email me. --Khromag

Agreed, this place is overrun but I had a look at the two accounts in the admins group and they havent been active for over a year. As this is hosted on the official website and therefore in theory an official wiki you might try reaching out to them on their Facebook page (

PS remember to sign your posts with "--~~~" so people know who you are. I added it for you on your last post. --Tregelen (talk)

Main page wikitext (for resetting after bot spam

Welcome to the Official Sandship Wiki, the main encyclopedia of sandship universe, after your in-game glossary.
wiki stats: 0 active editors (of 574,377 registered) are currently maintaining 71 articles and 276 images.

This wiki is currently in development, you are welcome to contribute, although things may look wonky. We are also overrun by bots, so if this page looks weird, please revert it to a previous form. A good starting point is to check out the list of wanted articles below: