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Wiki is overrun with Bots

The admins need to do something to prevent this wiki from being overrun by self-promoters and link-net vandals. I am cleaning up as much as I can, but this is ridiculous.

I know of a simple way to lock them out. I would appreciate a little compensation (*not* a demand) or hell, hire me to maintain all this for this great new game (sandship).

Admins, email me. --Khromag

Agreed, this place is overrun but I had a look at the two accounts in the admins group and they havent been active for over a year. As this is hosted on the official website and therefore in theory an official wiki you might try reaching out to them on their Facebook page (

PS remember to sign your posts with "--~~~" so people know who you are. I added it for you on your last post. --Tregelen (talk)