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The Quests in Sandship are important part of learning the game. All Quests have at least 1 requirement and most of them will reward the Player with small amount of Credits and 1 to 5* Gems. All Quests are separated in two different Categories:

1) Main Quests - They have purple background under their name and are always at the top of the list;

2) General Quests - Their background is orange/yellow and are linked to the current player level.

  • *At the beginning the Gems reward are higher, but later on they do not exceed 5 Gems.

Main Quests


All Main Quests are purple. If they are not selected the background colour is subtle, but it is visible.

Regarding the requirements they vary from a simple task that requires the player to click somewhere on/around their ship up to learning a precious Research and asking the player to use it. They are also divided into several different types:

- Storyline quests - there aren't many of those, but you learn to appreciate them. They are often related to something affecting the future progress of the player. The player either need to repair their Ship or interact with the surrounding characters and/or objects on the Map.

- Materials gathering - the player is asked to "Obtain" certain amount of Materials.


At the beginning of the game (until level 8) some of these quests will deduct the requested material. Which means that all accumulated materials for the quest will be lost once the quest is completed. The requirements for those quests have an additional blue square with an exclamation mark inside of it.

- Research learning - these quests guide the player through all the Industries in the game. The player receives several new Main Quests for completing a research once a new level is reached and often is also required to Obtain certain amount of materials related to this particular research.

General Quests

Like the name suggests, the General quests include everything else in the game. They are also divided into several different types:

- Research learning - in this category there are also Research learning quests. They ask the player to complete all Researches that have not been already included in a Main Quests. These will be researches for increasing Substance and Credits capacities.

- Materials gathering - the same as the Main quests, the player is asked to obtain certain amount of materials, often needed to complete a following Contract or a Research. Materials gathering quests in the General category will never deduct the materials after the quests is completed.

- Materials production - these specific types of quests will ask the player to achieve certain amount of material per second in one building. Their main purpose is to motivate the player to increase their production and use more complex factory builds. Almost always as a second requirement for these quests is to gather the mentioned material.

- Ship upgrade - as the name suggest, there are only 7 of those so far. They ask the player to upgrade their Ship to the next level.

- Building upgrade - the player is asked to upgrade a Building to certain level. Note that only the first Basic Building counts towards the completion of these quests.

- Contracts related - often combined with Earning (owning) Credits, these types of quests ask the player to complete certain amount of Contracts once the quest is received.

- Collectables gathering - there are several quests in the General category that will require for the Player to own certain amount of Collectibles. Have in mind that the required collectibles are never deducted from the Player.

- Everstone gathering - there are nearly 20 such quests. They ask the player to Gather certain amount of Everstone. The quest can be completed only by Claiming the requested amount from Transit to Storage. Already owned Everstone does not count for the quests.

Important Notes

  • All quests that have "Obtain" as a requirements can be completed by just owning the described materials in Storage.
  • Quests with a requirement to "Gather" a material need this material to be Claimed from Transit to Storage.
  • Quests for completing Contracts can be finished only by completing new Contracts after the quest has appeared.
  • Certain Main quests will unlock additional General quests upon completion.
  • There are 2 blocking points where the player does not receives new quests. They are at the end of Level 5, where the player manually need to Start the new Chapter and at the end of Level 7, where unless Yellow Everstone is gathered the player can't continue to level 8.