Flock Of Shaggy-haired Horses Are The Mane Attraction

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A herd of Icelandic horses have been captured sporting amazing and different hairstyles in these stunning photographs.
The close-up images captured the horses boasting stylish manes - as if donning perfectly blow-dried flowing locks.
One horse appears to be showing off a long shaggy fringe while another sports a rock-chick look.
The herd of majestic animals appear to pose for salon-style head shots, donning their long locks and luscious manes.
Wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach, 65, spotted the herd of 18 horses near his home in Westerwald, informationterritory.hpage.com Germany.
Ingo said: 'These horses are amazing, their long hair was flowing in the wind as they galloped. I was lucky enough to capture this wonderful scene. You could hear their heavy breathing. They kind of look like something like members of rock band with all that hair.'
The photographer and graphic designer crept up to the herd and snapped the spectacular pictures from just two yards away.
The horses were aged between six months and three years old.
He added: 'They played and ran and they developed these beautiful hairstyles. I had a lot of fun - I like that breed of horse.' 
Wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach spotted the herd of 18 Icelandic horses near his home in Westerwald, Germany
The distinctive animals all displayed flowing manes that would not have looked out of place on a catwalk model
The photographer was able to capture the beasts from close range - getting as close as two yards away for some of the shots
This horse's impressive mullet style look would not have been out of place on a 1980s rock star
This tan beast flaunted a swept-back style that perfectly paired with his coat as he cantered through the paddock
Short and to the point: The brown stallion paired a platinum look with a goatee-style - or should that be horsee style - beard
Twiggy the model: Even this chap, with a branch tangled in his luscious locks, couldn't fail to catch the photographer's eye
Girl band: This trio showed off their parting perfection - with the beast in the centre unable to resist showing off for the snap
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