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Collectables are very important part of Player's development. They are required for few Researches, requested in some Quests but most important - used to unlock new sections/tiles in Player's Basic Building and Oil Building after level 5 of these factories.
The rarest (regarding drop chance) collectable that the Player will need to find in order to complete a Research is 2 White Data Trigons for the Heat Gun research at player level 17. In order to do that the Player need to open several Legendary Crates.

How to get them ?

The only way to obtain collectables (other than purchasing some with Gems) is to complete Contracts.

How many collectables there are?

There are 47 different collectables according to the in-game Glossary, but so far not all of them are obtainable/unlocked in the game yet.

All collectables are divided into 5 different Types:

  • Data Sticks
  • Data Trigons
  • Data Cyclets
  • Data Pentagons
  • Artifacts

Apart from their type all collectables also have different Rarity. There are 4 different Rarity groups:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

All collectables also can be easily distinguished by their color. Red for Common, Blue for Rare, Yellow for Epic and White/Purple for Legendary.

Collectables in Quests

When you complete quests for Level 1 to 20 there are several collectables that are required. The first collectable requested in a quest is the Purification Rod, you need 1 to complete the "Engine Repair" Quest. Immediately after that you are asked to obtain 1 Red Data Trigon. Later on you are asked to obtain other collectables as well.

Common Collectables


Echo Meter Nano Clarificator Purification Rod
EchoMeter_Icon NanoClarificator_Icon PurificationRod_Icon
Shp I Tile Shield Oscillator Substance Capacitor
Shp1Tile_Icon ShieldOscillator_Icon SubstanceCapacitor_Icon

Rare Collectables


Casimir Overshifter Echo Jammer Field Inducer
CasimirOvershifter_Icon EchoJammer_Icon FieldInducer_Icon
Jien-Koh Diode Norm Retractor Overshift Resonator
Jien-KohDiode_Icon NormRetractor_Icon OvershiftResonator_Icon
Shp II Tile Shp III Tile Time Redirector
Shp2Tile_Icon Shp3Tile_Icon TimeRedirector_Icon

Epic Collectables


Bio Fast Forwarder Clarity Injector Livowski Sweater
BioFastForwarder_Icon ClarityInjector_Icon LivowskiSweater_Icon
Norm Well Stabilizer Overwell Lasso Planck Ticker
NormWellStabilizer_Icon OverwellLasso_Icon PlanckTicker_Icon
Self Healing Plane SHP IV Tile Wave Collapser
SelfHealingPlace_Icon Shp4Tile_Icon WaveCollapser_Icon

Legendary Collectables


Norm Well Bridge SHP V Tile Timeflow Transistor
NormWellBridge_Icon Shp5Tile_Icon TimeflowTransistor_Icon
Tri-Lax Heater Tri-Lax Pusher Tri-Lax Quantifier
Tri-LawPusher_Icon Tri-LaxHeater_Icon Tri-LaxQunatifier_Icon