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Basic Building

Maximum inside size 16x16
Simple factory that can adapt to basic engineer needs
Costs 1200 Credits

Long Factory

Inside size 32x12
Slightly longer factory that can adapt to basic engineer needs
Costs 2500 Credits

Micro Factory

Maximum inside size 12x12
A much smaller version of basic factory, where you get a bit more space for a one tile size on the sandship
Costs 3000 Credits

Puzzle Building

Inside size Variable
Virtual factory created to challenge engineers with complex assembly line problems
Costs 5000 Credits


Maximum inside size 48x48
Virtual factory for engineers to test different ideas, all devices are free, size dynamic
Costs 10000 Credits

Underwell Pit

Inside size 12x12
Underwell factory used to produce everstone through intense battle
Costs 12000 Credits

Custom Big Building

Maximum inside size 48x48
Custom factory that can adapt to basic engineer needs
Costs 15000 Credits

Substance Harvester

Inside size 4x4
Sandship bay for generating substance with Substance Generators
Costs 20000 Credits
Substance Generators be placed inside. Max 16
Costs 1500 Credits, 250 Steel, 250 Iron Bolts per generator

Oil Building

Maximum inside size 16x16
Boosts oil production by 10 percent.
Costs 150 Gems