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Common booosters

Booster Name Booster Image Booster effect
Time warp Ui-boosters-time-warp.png Increases inputs and outputs by 20%
Time Dilation Ui-boosters-time-dilation.png Time runs slower in this factory decreasing input and output by 10%
Basic Productivity Basic-productivity-booster.png Increases output by 5%
Basic Optimizer Basic-optimizer-booster.png Decreases the input consumption of a factory by 5%

Rare Boosters

Booster Name Booster Image Booster effect
Casimir Effect Ui-boosters-casimir-effect.png Everstone production is increased by 25% at the cost of having to fight 25% more drifters
Chemistry Optimizer Ui-boosters-chemistry-optimizer.png Increases the output of chemistry materials by 10%
Filling Fast Ui-boosters-filling-fast.png Appliers can fill containers twice as fast due to improved valves
Mechanics Booster Ui-boosters-mechanics.png Increases the output of all mechanics materials by 10%
Metallurgy Booster Ui-boosters-metallurgy.png Increases the output of all metallurgy materials by 10%
Mini Investment Ui-boosters-mini-investment.png Recycling produces 10% more credits