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The Blueprints is the easiest way for a Player to arrange and keep track of his factory setups and complex builds for materials production. The Blueprints are unlocked along with the Sandbox building at player's Level 6.

The Sandbox Building

The Sandbox building is unlocked upon completion of the Sandbox research and can be purchased from the Shop for 10,000 Credits. The Player is not limited to how many Sandbox buildings he can have.

The Sandbox building size on the Ship's surface is 2x2. The inside of the Sandbox can be modified from 4x4 tiles to 48x48 tiles. To do so one can use the round orange "Sandbox" button inside the Sandbox.

Multiple Sandbox-es

As every other buildings the Sandbox can be renamed allowing the player to keep in his Building inventory several Sandbox buildings with different setups (builds) inside.



To create a Blueprint one just need to enter into a non-working factory or the Sandbox and press the ruler and pencil button.

  • If no devices are selected the game will create a Blueprint of everything inside the building.
  • The Player can create a blueprint for a single or several devices by selecting them with the Move/Select tool.

While a Blueprint is created the Player can choose an Icon for it from all materials available in the game and add a Custom name.

In the "Save Blueprint" window the game calculates the price in Credits for all devices and shows the required materials for their purchase.

If the Blueprint forms a valid Output the production value will also be shown in the "Save Blueprint" window. The number shown is the original production calculated by the server. It might vary when the Blueprint is placed due to the way the game calculates a factory.

Important: When placing/using a Blueprint the game will use all available/stored devices first and purchase all the missing ones.

Important notes

There are several known issues with the Blueprints for game version 0.4.10:

  • You can't place a Blueprint if any of its devices touches a locked section in the Factory.
  • Underground Belts and Pipes sometimes prevent for the Blueprint to be placed.