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id="mod_15661339">The wedding should tell a story, the story of the bride and groom and it should be painted thus

In my previous hub on engagement Saree and Lahenga, it was all about being demure and sophisticated with the help of pastel colours and just sticking to the paler side of the colour palette in general for [ ]. Now that the engagement saree and/or lahenga has been dealt with, it is time to think about Mehendi (where the bride, her friends and relatives put on henna on the palm of their hands and the feet in preparation of the wedding) and Holud (where friends and relatives put turmeric paste on the bride's face, hands and legs in order for the bride to achieve a glowing skin for the wedding). Some weddings in South-east Asia like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India celebrate both the Mehendi and Holud/Haldi. In Pakistan, generally, only mehendi is organized and celebrated. In certain parts of India only holud/haldi is organized while at other parts only mehendi. Both mehendi and holud/haldi is a very cultural ritual. In Bangladesh, some families arrange and celebrate both mehendi and holud and in some families only one of them is celebrated.

Yellow Jamdani Saree for Holud

Both mehendi and holud is celebrated in a very loud fashion both in terms of colour and sound. Music, dancing, entertainment and good food and natural flowers are at the core of these two wedding celebrations. These are the occasions where the friends and relatives of the bride and groom get to really relax and just have a good time before the wedding. At both these occasions the bride sits on either a full-fledged stage decorated with flowers or a makeshift one (usually on a bed with the wall behind decorated with flowers). At mehendi, (mehendi literally means henna) while the bride's friends or a beautician decorates her hands and feet with henna, the bride's cousins and friends perform, usually choreographed, dances as a means of entertainment. Similarly dances are performed at holud. The only difference is that at holud all the friends and relatives will put on a little bit of turmeric paste on the bride one by one.

Taking into consideration the fact that both these occasions are very cheerful ones, the bridal clothing for these occasions should stay true to the events too.



It is more appropriate to wear colours like greens, oranges and red for mehendi. The reason behind this is that henna comes in three forms, the henna leaves are a beautiful shade of green, henna paste when put on the skin stains the skin a lovely shade of orange if kept for a little time and it stains the skin a glorious shade of deep red if kept for a long time.

If you decide to go with green then there are many beautiful shades of green to choose from as long as it is bright and vibrant and not on the dull side. If you do prefer a bottle green mehendi saree then try to balance it off with a bright [ ] and a contrasting saree border.

Holud decorations


The bride can truly explore colours for the occasion of holud/haldi like no other part of the entire wedding. Although the exact shade of turmeric is by far the most popular and indeed one of the best colours for this event, there really is no boundary with regards to bright colours. The bride can wear yellow, orange, red, green, pink, purple, magenta and even blue. Whatever the bride decides to wear, it should give a very festive vibe and contribute and be the centre of the whole event.

Saree Material for Holud and Mehendi

When it comes down to choosing the material of the mehendi or holud outfit, I believe that tradition is the key word. Both these celebrations are very cultural and traditional, keep it that way and you won't go wrong. Somethings are best enjoyed when it is kept as it was meant to be kept. So the material that is the ultimate best for these two wedding occasions are cotton, silk katan, benarasi katan and jamdani. Please don't make the mistake of wearing georgette, chiffon, French crêpe, nylon, polyester or any of the modern materials used for sarees that hand on the body rather than draping it.

Cotton is more suitable for holud than mehendi. Following are some beautiful cotton holud saree designs.

Cotton Holud SareeCotton Holud SareeRed, Yellow and Green Saree for holudTeal and Red Cotton Saree for HoludGorgeous Cotton Silk in Green

Silk katan and benarasi katan is suitable for both holud and mehendi. The beautiful sheen of these materials just make it perfect for these occasions. Silk katan and benarasi katan sarees reek of tradition and culture. Following are lovely photographs of silk katan saree and benarasi/benaroshi katan saree.

Silk Katan Saree and Benaroshi SareeGorgeous Silk Katan Saree for Holud or MehendiYellow and turquoise Saree for HoludLush Green and red saree for MehendiThe Perfect Yellow and Magenta Benarasi border Saree for Holud or HaldiRed and Green Mehendi or holud saree for the BrideGolden Yellow and Brick Red silk katan saree for HoludBrick red Silk Katan for Mehendi or Holud

Jamdani saree

Jamdani is a very classy type of saree to choose for holud. Jamdanis are best woven in Bangladesh and Jamdani sarres for holud are just a show stopper. Flower jewellery goes very well with jamdani sarees too. Following are some beautiful shots of jamdani sarees for holud.

Beautiful Jamdani saree in red, green and yellow for holudJamdani sareeyellow and green jamdani saree

What is your Favourite colour for Holud or Mehendi Yellow Green Green and Red Orange Red Golden Magenta[# See results]

Remember the wedding has a story to tell. It starts off with the engagement and ends with the reception or walima. The engagement should be like a fairy tale. It should be pregnant with the idea of innocence and purity. The second step is either the holud or the mehendi or both. These events should paint the picture of a garden and happiness. Bright colours and the right material can make the holud and mehendi memorable.

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This article is about "how to paint a picture of your whole wedding with bridal clothing". This is the first series of my articles on wedding. This will help you decide on the perfect engagement saree or lahenga colour that will contribute to a harmo

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The mehedi doesn't stay on all weekend but the stain of the mehedi which beautifully beautifies the hands of the bride stays on for about a week.

5 years ago
Jess Cumbie : OK, so does that stay on them all weekend! I'd have a hard time wanhsig off all that beautifulness in just a few hours! I'd want my hands and feet to look like that for my ceremony!!! I don't like feet (yet love shoes, I know just speaks to my weirdness) but I love the feet shot!!!! so pretty! I wish my toes were that pretty! It's sunday so your shoot is almost over so you will be home soon. Maybe we can get coffee and talk about the experience, since I'm jealous!

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Hello bridal hairstyles inkolkata, thanks for stopping by on one of my series of hubs on the bridal journey. Really happy to hear that your search ends with my hub on mehendi and haldi but do go on and read my other hubs related to this.

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