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Level 1

Basic Cutting

Costs: 500 Credits, 6 Iron Ore and 1 Red Data Card. Time: 10 Seconds. Unlocks the Cutter and the Iron Rod recipe. It must be completed before Basic logistics and awards 50 XP.

Basic Logistics

Costs: 1000 Credits, 10 Iron Plates, 10 Iron Rods and 1 Red Data Card. Time: 10 Seconds. Unlocks the Grabber and awards 65 XP.

Level 2

Basic Extruding

Costs: 1000 credits, 50 Iron Plates, 1 Red Data Trigon and 50 Iron Ore. Time: 19 Seconds. Unlocks the Extruder and the Iron Wire recipe. Awards 75 XP and must be completed before Injection Molding.

Injection Molding

Costs: 1500 Credits, 100 Iron Rods, 100 Iron Wire and 1 Red Data Cyclet. Time: 1 Min. Unlocks the Shaper and the Iron Bolt recipe, also awards 50 XP.

Credit Capacity 1

Costs: 1500 Credits, 125 Iron Ore, 125 Iron Bolts and 1 Red Data Card. Unlocks a 25K maximum Credit storage boost and awards 50 XP.

Level 3


Splitter Logistics

InTransit Cap 1


Carbon synthesising

Basic smelting

Level 4

Credit Capacity 2

Costs: 1 Red Data Pentagon, 1200 Bolts, 1800 Iron Rods. Time: 2 Hours.