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Working in Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, I just thought of sharing my experience about Jobs in Saudia Arabia
and the things to consider before accepting an offer. This hub is most suitable
for those from Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal,
Pakistan, Afganistan, Indonesia and similar countries.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich of Job opportunities, mostly technical
categories are of a high demand. Especially in Jubail there are many Job
Opportunities available in the market. All you need to do is to prepare an
attractive CV and apply in a standard recruitment agency in your country.
Usually most of the recruitment agencies advertise their requirement in the
news papers and internet sites.

You have to take
extensive care in choosing your recruitment agent, because personal experience
says that most of them breach the law and ultimately you have to suffer in your
Job. You may go to the Bureau of Foreign employment to give you an idea of which
is the best recruitment agents. I would like readers' comments to recommend renowned
recruitment agencies in your country along with contact details in order to
help those coming through your country.

Check well about the
company and its standards to identify whether it meets your expectation. Many
recruitment agents boast about the hiring company. But 90 % of
it are untrue. Many companies do not pay on time, or you will be assigned a job
which you were not recruited for. So I would make it mandatory for anyone
seeking opportunities to verify the company from their own source. I myself can
help anyone who is interested to know about a company. You can ask a question
in the Ask box in the right hand side of this hub so I can reply you. Don't
forget to leave your email address in your question.

Make sure about your salary and terms. Usually companies provide Basic
Salary + free food / food allowance, medical, accommodation and transport. Make
sure that all what you agree is specified in the contract you sign in your
recruitment agencies. Most recruitment agencies try to show a higher salary in
the contract to escape government obstacles. If you are to agree to it, think
twice, you have to check out the credibility of the recruitment agent, the
standard of the hiring company.

Some low standard Saudi company charge for Iqaama Fees and so on. I would
not personally advise to take up such offers. Whenever you face an interview
either with foreign principals / recruitment agents, do inquire about Iqaama
fees, food allowance, accommodation, transport and so on.

I would not advise to accept a low salary offer with the hope of obtaining
and increment once you are in the Job.  There
are very rare chances to get an increment once you accepted your offer.

Confirm what you pay for the recruitment agent. Recruitment agents have the
tendency of charging a high fee for lower job categories like labour, mason,
painter etc. Check competitive recruitment offices, to find out if you are
paying reasonable fees. Some hiring companies offer free recruitment which your
recruitment agent might hide and charge you a recruitment fees. Inquire those
who have previous working experience in Saudi Arabia to know about these facts.

Make sure your visa category matches your profession. Especially in Saudi
Arabia, you need to have a good visa profession in order to entitle yourself
for Family Visa. I see many of the qualified managers, technician are deprived
of having their loved ones with them due to having a low category visa.

Always make sure that you get a visa category which matches your skills.
This will keep you on the safe side.

If you are intending to bring your family to Saudi Arabia, I would advise you
to get a driving license from your own country. This will save your time and
sometimes money here.

These are the few points which come in to my mind when we talk about employment
in Saudi Arabia. I will be posting more about the Jobs in Saudi Arabia to make
the Job seekers aware about important things to consider before they commit to
an offer.

I appreciate the readers' comment about their middle east experience as well...

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13 months ago
Leading Miller Engineering and Construction Company based in USA is
looking for below job seekers for immediate employment.
the company is in charge to take care of your accommodation & flight tickets.
[ 1. Accountant
2. Civil Engineers
3. Architects
4. Electrical Engineer
5. Site Engineer
6. HSE Officers
7. Mechanical Engineer
8. Data Entry Operator
9. Autocad Draftsman
10. Low current technician
11. Quantity Surveyor
12. Administrative Assistant
13. Tig welding
14. Project Manager
15. Company Driver
16. Crane operator
17. Housekeeping supervisor
18. Document Controller
19. Storekeeper
20. Receptionist
21. Nurse
22. Waitress
23. Piping supervisor
And Many more available positions. Interested candidate should submit
their CV immediately for review at.
3 years ago
I am a nepalese registered nurse having three and half years work experience in the post staff nurse looking for a nursing job in Abha or Khamis city of Saudi Arabia but in internet's add, in those city job is offered only to indians and phillipinos. So, I have a query that how could I get a job opportunity over there ?
Cira Jost
3 years ago
This blog give the great information about employment. This is a quite resourceful blog.
Thanks for sharing.
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