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In India, the BIS i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards undertakes certification of purity of gold jewelry in accordance with Indian Standards IS:1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys.

Metal casings are probably the most popular way to personalize the appearance of a cell phone. Vivid colors, bold designs, and pictures of favorite scenes and people make this an appealing and easy choice for decorating. But why limit yourself to a pre-made casing that hundreds of other people have? With the help of creative jeweler, you can create a beautiful casing that is sure to draw admiring looks and compliments from everyone who sees it. What about a glittering purple spiral that encases the phone, or two hearts overlapping? A lot of people forget that metal work is also an integral part of a custom jeweler's work, and that these can also be decorated with incredible designs. Tap into the power of Custom Jewelry for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind casing you will love.

Personality Jewelry Diamonds are certainly eye catchers. The person who owns them is always proud of the gleaming stones. Diamonds carved in a delicate design create a style statement. Owning a diamond is every woman's desire. Pearls are considered to be the most precious material for jewelry designing. Pearls offer a classic look, but it is very difficult to find natural pearls since the formation of the pearl within the oyster takes years. Pearls are found in different shapes and mostly used in pendants and earrings.

As already mentioned, there are a lot of options in the jewelry market. However, it is for you to choose the jewelry that is right for you. There are a few things you need to bear in mind while choosing your jewelry. Firstly, the event for which you will use the jewelry is an important factor. Jewelry worn for a wedding, a picnic, a party and a meeting will need to be exquisite, casual, flashy and formal, respectively. Next, you should see what outfit will be complemented by your jewelry. The style and colour of your clothes will help to determine the kind of jewelry you wear. Also, ensure that you are not uncomfortable in the jewelry you wear. It should coordinate with your personality and activities and enhance your individualism.

The intellectual woman is of course intelligent, slightly reserved and dresses in classic, simple outfits. This woman will appreciate jewelry that is understated, elegant, and of good quality. A simple chain in gold or silver would be perfect for a necklace. For earrings, small studs or understated hoops would be perfect to complement her classic sense of style. Or choose a thin bracelet like a thin silver bracelet with small subtle gemstones or beads.

Name jewelry How do you do it? Well first there are tourists and they can and do spend a lot of money. You may not have the ability to rent a store in a tourist area or a gallery in an art community. BUT you can still use both. How? First find by doing an internet search for western destinations that are popular with the tourist trade. Then do a search on jewelry stores, art colonies and gift shops in the same area. User testimonials show that Mynameise is one of the top authorities when it comes to Name jewelry. Call, get an email address, send them a thoughtful positive cover letter,and send them a file of pictures on what you create.Make sure you contact them a few days later with a personal call. Ask them if they will do commission sales in partnership with you.The key is "Partnerships" until you develop a demand for your "brand" Make sure you have several pieces completed before you go further.

A variation on this design is the style which comes as a travel jewelry case. This may be made out of leather and can be imprinted with a name on the outside of the piece. You may also see some boxes in heart shapes or cross designs which are made out of a porcelain material. These are usually painted to have a design which incorporates the name or initials you want on it. In addition to a name you can add a particular date to the engraved or imprinted design. This will help make the piece a keepsake item which could be handed down to future generations.